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Vehicle Loans Melbourne

Are you looking to have a vehicle loan to buy your dream car?

At VIC Loans Express, our team first understand your exact needs and then go on to work with you to find the best and affordable car loan option for you.

With Vic Loans Express, the process for car loan gets as simple as it can be. We look for car loans as per your needs and bring forward the only the suitable loan options for you to explore and choose the best car loan option for yourself.

We know that there is a huge variety of loans available in the market and it’s quite overwhelming to find one that befits your needs. Our expert vehicle loan experts will make that decision easy for you.

Know How Much You Really Need to Borrow?

In case you have a clear vision which car you want to buy, you will probably know how much car finance you require. However, if you don’t know how much you need, do feel free to share your personal requirement with us. Our professional car loan advisors will do all the hard work and help you find the loan which is best suited to your requirements.

Here are some of the different types of loans Vic Loans Express facilitate:

Car Loans: Get a car loan at interest rate. Our experts will work with you to get the deal
Bad Credit Car Loans: Have you been bankrupt and struggling to get a car loan? Call us we will assist you in getting a car loan.
Used Car Loans: Are you looking for used cars? We will help you to get the best finance rate.
Lease or Buy: How you are going to pay for your new car? Our experts can help you in taking the right decision
Low Doc Car Loans: Are you Self-Employed and don’t have enough documents to secure a car loan? We can help with that too.

Contact Vic Loans Express to get the professional and reliable advice on Car Loans.

Best mortgage broker Melbourne
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Equipment Finance Melbourne

As the leading equipment finance brokers in Melbourne, we understand the importance and, often, the urgency, in getting your equipment and machinery delivered, installed and operated as quickly and conveniently as possible.

So, we bring you a plethora of available options for financing business equipment and business cars, find the best finance deal and proceed with the option best suited for your business needs.

Our Business Equipment Finance service includes:

Chattel Finance: The lender provides a loan secured by the purchased asset. You own the asset from the time of delivery. Interest paid on finance and depreciation of equipment as generally tax deductible.
Commercial Hire Purchase: The financier purchases the equipment at your request and you then buy the equipment or car from the financier by way of instalments. The equipment will be owned by the lender until such time when the final payment is made at which time the financier transfers ownership of the equipment to you.
Finance Lease: With a finance lease, the financier purchases the equipment or car and rents it to you for an agreed term – lease term. The financier owns the equipment but you have an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the agreed term. A calculated residual value is paid to the financier who then transfers ownership of the equipment to you.

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